5 Simple Tips for Purchasing a Used Vehicle From a Private Seller

Vehicles can often be among the largest purchases many people will make in their lifetime. With hundreds of used car websites on the internet, it can be a difficult process to find the right vehicle located at a dealership near you. The Internet however, has proven to be a vital resource for the research of new and used vehicles – saving many people countless hours of “tire-kicking” and hopping from one dealership to another. The Internet however, does not serve the Private Seller market as well. Private Sellers generally aren’t Internet Vehicle Marketers and are therefore not as privy certain techniques and resources as many certified car dealers are.When buying a vehicle from a private seller, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible to keep safe and make a well-informed purchase decision. Let’s discuss 5 tips for making your next vehicle purchase from a private seller.1. Why are they selling?:
This is an excellent question to ask to find out their motives for selling the vehicle. It may help you gauge whether the vehicle is right for you. Avoid listening to long stories because they will usually end up forcing their urgency for selling to you, altering your decision-making process. There is no rush. When it’s time, the right vehicle will present itself.2. Take a test drive:
Is the Seller willing to let you take a test drive? If they are not, this is the first and only indication you will need which signifies that they are trying to hide something that they are hoping you won’t find out. If they are willing to let you test drive the vehicle, have it driven to your (Step 3)3. Have a Technician/Mechanic check the vehicle out:
What better person than a certified technician to give you insight to any potential problems with the vehicle? Make sure you book an appointment ahead of time so that your mechanic is prepared to give your potential vehicle a quick check up. Depending on your technician, this may cost you a little bit of money, but will be well worth it to avoid any hassle after purchasing the used vehicle.4. Caution:
Be aware that though purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller usually has a substantial discount tagging along with it, private sellers do not have any warranty products at their disposal. This means that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle (within reason) after your purchase is complete, it will be your responsibility to repair any occurring problems with the vehicle. True it may be that many consumers feel that warranties are a sham – they tend to have a sincere change of heart when they realize that it could have come to great use for them. This isn’t meant to sway you from your purchase plan, but is definitely something to take in to account.5. Are you getting their best price?
Or for that matter, the best price on the market? This is where the Internet is a highly valuable resource for pricing out vehicles. Do your due diligence and search automotive search portals to see what dealerships are selling the same vehicle for. Private sellers try their hardest to convey a sense of urgency when selling to get rid of their vehicle faster. Keep cool and don’t buy into it. Take your time and do your research. This could potentially save you hundreds (and rarely, thousands) of dollars in the long run.